Where to Find Copies of Form 700 Filed by Public Officials

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General Information

Statements of economic interests (Form 700) filed by state and local public officials are public records. The agencies that retain filed statements must make them available for public inspection or reproduction during regular business hours no later than the second business day after they are received. No conditions can be imposed on individuals who wish to review copies of statements and no identification can be required. Copies must be provided for no more than 10 cents per page (plus a $5 retrieval fee if the statements are five or more years old). (See Government code Section 81008.)

Most public officials and employees file their completed statements of economic interests with their agency. Original statements filed by state elected officials and most local elected officials, candidates, judges, and high ranking state officials are forwarded by the agency to the FPPC (see list below). Copies of statements forwarded to the FPPC can be obtained either from the filer's agency or the FPPC.

Employees of the State Senate and Assembly file their statements directly with the FPPC, and copies are not retained by the State Legislature.

Filing Deadlines

Elected state officers, state legislators, judges and court commissioners, and members of the following state boards and commissions file annual statements on March 1 each year:

    Coastal Commission,
    Energy Commission,
    Fair Political Practices Commission, and
    Public Utilities Commission.
Most other officials and employees file on April 1.

In addition to annual statements, officials must file Form 700 when they assume office and when they leave office. Candidates for most state and local elective offices must file Form 700 along with the documents needed to appear on the ballot.

Statements Filed With FPPC

Original statements for the following filers (including candidates for elective offices listed) are forwarded to the FPPC:

    State Offices

    Lieutenant Governor
    Attorney General
    Insurance Commissioner
    Secretary of State
    Members of the State Legislature
    Superintendent of Public Instruction
    State Board of Equalization Members
    Public Utilities Commissioners
    State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commissioners
    State Coastal Commissioners
    State Agency Secretaries, Department Directors, and Officials Who Manage Public Investments
    Members of State Boards and Commissions
    Regents of the University of California

    Judicial Offices

    Supreme, Appellate, and Superior Court Judges
    Court Commissioners

    County and City Offices

    Members of Boards of Supervisors
    Mayors and Members of City Councils
    Chief Administrative Officers
    District Attorneys
    County Counsels
    City Attorneys
    City Managers
    Planning Commissioners
    County and City Treasurers

Other Filing Locations

Statements filed by most other state and local officials and employees are retained where the official or employee works. For example, the Form 700 filed by a city's director of public works will in many cases be filed with the city clerk. In large cities, the Form 700 may be retained by the personnel office for the public works department. If you are having difficulty obtaining access to a statement, call the FPPC at 916-322-5660 or toll-free at 1-866-ASK-FPPC for assistance.

(Revised 5/03)

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