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Filing officers are required to perform specified duties under the Political Reform Act. Some of these duties include providing public access to statements, following up on non filers, and reviewing filed statements for errors and omissions. These duties, and others, are required under Regulation 18110 for processing campaign statements and Regulation 18115 for processing Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700). Click on the links below for information pertaining to some of the more common filing officer duties. To provide further assistance, the Technical Assistance Division conducts free individualized training on filing officer duties. Click on the Outreach link below for information on requesting an outreach.

Form 700 Disclosure - Consultants & New Positions

In September 2011, the FPPC adopted two forms for agencies to use to document filing requirements for individuals serving as consultants or in newly created positions. Form 804 for newly created positions and Form 805 for consultants provide a user-friendly format for agencies to assign disclosure requirements. Disclosure obligations should be tailored to the duties of the position or contract and apply to those individuals that make or participate in governmental decisions.

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