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March 2010 Top Ten List

Slate Mailer Organizations are for-profit businesses that spend millions of dollars each election cycle encouraging people to vote for certain candidates and/or ballot measures. In many instances, committees representing candidates and ballot measures purchase space on a "slate mailer" as another way to influence voters. The more money a campaign spends on each slate mailing, usually equates to more room on the slate mailer profiling the candidate and/or ballot measure.

The list below identifies the Top Ten Slate Mailer Organizations that raised the most money during the 2007-08 election cycle.

Information compiled to create this list was obtained from public filings submitted by those slate mailer organizations registered with the Secretary of State.

#1CA Voter Guide (ID #595004)
#2COPS Voter Guide (ID #599014)
#3 PORAC Official Law Enforcement Voter Guide (ID #594017)
#4 Democratic Voters Choice (ID# 595002) $920,596
#5 Save Proposition 13 Segregated Fund Account (ID# 598040) $846,435
#6 Your Ballot Guide (ID# 588011) $786,442
#7 Continuing the Republican Revolution (ID# 598041) $611,893
#8 Your Transportation Improvements Voter Guide,a service of Professional Engineers in CA Government (ID# 1262847) $519,025
#9 Citizens for Good Government (ID #599010) $444,750
#10 Republican Woman's Voice (ID# 1293667)

February 2010

February's Top Ten list compiled by the FPPC identifies those individual donors who have contributed the most money to California candidates and ballot measures from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009. This list includes five candidates or former candidates for state office, whose totals include personal money contributed to their own campaigns, as well as money they contributed to ballot measures and other candidates and committees.

#1Steve Bing
Southern California Businessman
#2Steve Poizner
Insurance Commissioner; candidate for Governor (2010)
#3 Steve Westly
Former Controller; candidate for Governor (2006)
#4 Arnold Schwarzenegger
#5 Jerry Perenchio
Former owner of Univision Communication
#6 Meg Whitman
Candidate for Governor (2010)
#7 Angelo Tsakopoulos
Sacramento Area Developer
#8 John Doerr
Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist
#9 Reed Hastings
Founder of Netflix
#10 Bill Simon
Candidate for Governor (2002)
GRAND TOTAL $266,629,433

January 2010

This list identifies the Top Ten "independent expenditure" committees that spent the most on behalf of state candidates from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2009.

While there are limits on the size of contributions state candidates can accept, "independent expenditure" committees can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. The result has been that independent expenditure committees have been able to greatly exceed what could have been contributed directly to candidates, sometimes by over 400 times the candidate contribution limits. Million dollar contributions to "independent expenditure" committees are common as are multi-million dollar expenditures made on behalf of candidates.

Since contribution limits went into effect for state candidates with voter approval of Proposition 34 (January 1, 2001 for legislative candidates and November 6, 2002 for statewide candidates), more than $110 million has been spent by "independent expenditure" committees to benefit their favored candidates. Of the $110 million, a little more than $70 million has been spent on behalf of legislative candidates and $40 million on behalf of statewide candidates.

This list shows not only the staggering amounts of money spent by the Top Ten "independent expenditure" committees, but also how difficult it is for voters to know, in many instances, exactly who is providing the money.

The 10 who spent the most on "Independent Expenditures (January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2009)" are:
#1Californians for a Better Government, A Coalition of
Firefighters, Police, Deputy Sheriffs, Teachers, Home Builders
and Developers (ID #1285498)
#2Alliance for a Better California, Educators, Firefighters,
School Employees, Health Care Givers and Labor
Organizations (ID #1273998)
#3 Opportunity PAC -- A Coalition of Teachers, Health Care
Givers, Faculty Members and Other School and Public
Employees (ID #980020)
#4 California Alliance for Education and Progress, An Alliance
of Professionals, Employers and Small Business (ID #1283921)
#5 First Americans for a Better California Independent
Expenditure Committee (ID #1257891)
#6 JOBS PAC - A Bi-partisan Coalition of California Employers
(ID #911819)
#7 Alliance for California's Tomorrow, A California Business
Coalition (ID #1262979)
#8 Strengthening Our Lives Through Education, Community
Action and Civic Participation, A Coalition of Labor
Organizations - Candidate PAC (ID #1285612)
#9 California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA)
Independent Expenditure Committee (ID #902202)
#10 California Dental Association (California Dental Association
Independent Expenditure PAC ID #1233321 and California
Dental Political Action Committee - Small Contributor
ID #742855)
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