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Application - Form 700 Electronic Filing Programs

The FPPC is pleased to announce its program to approve and certify electronic filing systems for the statements of economic interests (Form 700). Agencies that participated in a pilot program reported several benefits, such as lower administrative costs, more accurate reporting, and an increase in statements being filed on time.

An agency requesting approval must submit an application to the FPPC and include a certification fee of $1,000 payable to the State of California. The application and related documents should be sent to: FPPC, Attn: Cyndi Glaser, 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, CA 95814.

The FPPC supports efforts to move from a paper-based reporting system to a more transparent electronic system. We believe electronic filing makes it easier for officials to comply with reporting obligations and provides the public with the information in a more accessible and consistent format.

Form 700 electronic filing systems will be approved by the FPPC on an individual agency basis, not by vendor. Agency implementations that have been approved are listed below.


Regulation 18756

IT System Submission Requirements

For submissions and questions related to the certification process:

Approved Agencies

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