California Judges Online - 2011 Statement of Economic Interests Form 700 Now Available

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Dear Citizens:

The FPPC is entering into a new era in public transparency. Disclosure of political financing and financial information of public officials that could lead to conflicts is at the heart of our mission.

For the first time, we are posting online the Statement of Economic Interests of California judges. The statements are available as PDF files on our website.

We recognize the importance of bringing information to people in ways that are accessible and helpful. So, we have joined with Captricity, a civic start-up company with an affiliation with the non-profit organization Code for America, to try to deliver this data to you in a more accessible way. Captricity's innovative technology provides accurate and low cost data extraction. They have taken our images of paper filings and turned them into structured, machine-readable digital data which can be searched or downloaded as a spreadsheet /CSV data file. California Judges 2011 Form 700 Digitized Data

We are also posting a chart showing campaign contributions in judicial races this year, including information about runoff campaigns and contributions to successful candidates in June 2012.
Judicial Donors Report

Please give us your comments or Twitter FPPC_Chair.


Ann M. Ravel
Chair, Fair Political Practices Commission

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