FPPC Hearing Summary, October 20, 2016

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October 20, 2016


Jay Wierenga, FPPC

(916) 322-7761      

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Below is a brief summary of the actions of the Fair Political Practices Commission during its monthly hearing. The meeting agenda can be found on our website at www.fppc.ca.gov


Roll: Chair Remke and Commissioners Audero, Wasserman, and Wynne were in attendance.


Item 2: Minutes from September 2016 Commission Hearing. Approved 4-0.


Item 3: Enforcement Action. Approved 4-0.


Item 4: Enforcement Action. Approved 4-0.


Items 4-21: Enforcement Action. Approved 4-0.


Item 22: Amend Regulation 18940 and adopt Form 807: Guide to Gift Regulations. Approved 4-0.


Item 23: Legislative Update for September 2016. Accepted as submitted.


Item 24: Closed Session Item: Burgess v. FPPC. The Commission has voted to  et the September 15, 2016 judgement stand in the Burgess matter and will timely file a return confirming that the Commission has vacated and set aside its decision in this matter and dismissed the administrative proceedings against Mr. Burgess.


Item 25: Executive Staff Reports. Accepted as submitted.