Introduction Letter from Chair Alice Germond

Source: Alice T. Germond

Introduction Letter from Chair Alice Germond

I’d like to begin by saying how honored I am to be named Chair of the FPPC.  My deeply felt thanks go to Governor Brown for the appointment and for placing his trust in me. I look forward to serving the people of California and to doing everything I can to make sure that California’s elections are ethical and honorable, that our citizens are confident in our process and that this cornerstone of democracy is strong.

I’ve spent much of my life involved in politics and hopefully inspiring people to be
engaged. As you can see from my attached bio, I’ve held senior roles in the campaigns of Jerry Brown, Bill Clinton, Gary Hart and Michael Dukakis, was Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, VP of NARAL, and much more.  I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed it.  My focus has always been on making
this a better country, and involving people in the process where so many decisions that affect our lives occur.

I look forward to working with my fellow Commissioners to continue the FPPC’s nation-leading efforts in campaign finance and political ethics. Promoting the FPPC mission of integrity, transparency and fairness in political campaigns and ethical conduct from our leaders is my highest goal. For the remainder of this term I look forward to enhancing a free flow of ideas amongst us all, to appreciating and nurturing the hard-working staff of the FPPC, and getting the job done.

The important work of the FPPC remains and must be a top priority during this
election season. Effective oversight will continue, as the FPPC Enforcement
Division’s pre-election efforts show. These actions over the last two election
cycles have led to near 100% compliance from campaigns to provide voters the
information they deserve -- when it counts most, before the election. We’ll
continue our diligence so that the playing field remains level for all.

Both the Legal Division and Education Division will continue their daily efforts to provide information to candidates, campaigns, clerks and the public assuring that our election process is as open, efficient, ethical and successful as possible.  And we will insure, to the best of our abilities, that our citizens have faith in our electoral  system.

There are a few things I’d like to also focus on in my time as Chair.  I would 
like the FPPC to meet in locations throughout our great and diverse State, and for the public to become more familiar with our work and be invited to participate if they choose.  I would like to partner with our educational systems and other communities both to share goals and wisdom and to increase civility and participation in our election process.  And I would like to make our own internal process, from start to finish, reflect California common sense.  I am hopeful that citizens who want to serve will find our FPPC standards for the many different offices we oversee appropriate, transparent, and fair.  I look forward to working with all the FPPC Commissioners on these goals as well.

I have spent much of my life extolling the virtues of my party but, even broader 
than that, the virtues of our democracy. I strongly believe in the importance of encouraging and enabling people to participate in our political process. At a time when trust in government continues to suffer, we can do no less than emphatically strive to restore this basic value, and to provide the guidance necessary to ensure that the laws and regulations entrusted in us are there to help the people we serve.