Nonsubstantive Amendments to Regulations

Nonsubstantive amendments to regulations may be made only when the change will not have a regulatory effect. Generally, nonsubstantive amendments are initiated and approved by FPPC staff and do not require the Commission’s review. Nonsubstantive amendments are filed with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and effective upon OAL's approval, unless otherwise specified. The following are recently made nonsubstantive amendments:

  • 18361.7.  Executive Director Subpoena Authority, effective 7/22/2015
  • 18406. Short Form for Candidates or Officeholders Who Receive and Spend Less than $2,000 in a Calendar Year (amended), effective 4/21/2016
  • 18530.4. Legal Defense Funds- State Candidates and Officers (amended), effective 4/21/2016
  • 18530.45. Legal Defense Funds- Local Candidates and Officers (amended), effective 4/21/2016
  • 18616 Reports by Lobbyist Employers and Persons Spending $5,000 or More to Influence Legislative or Administrative Action (amended), effective 5/12/2016
  • 18700.     Basic Rule and Guide to Conflict of Interest Regulations, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18700.1. Definitions: Source of Income, Commission Income and Incentive Income, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18700.3. Consultant, Public Official Who Manages Public Investments: Definitions, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18701. Determining Whether a Financial Effect Is Reasonably Foreseeable, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18702. Materiality Standards, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18702.2. Materiality Standard: Financial Interest in Real Property, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18702.4. Materiality Standard: Financial Interest in Source of Gift, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18747. Influencing Prospective Employment, effective 7/10/2015
  • 18942. Exceptions to Gift and Exceptions to Gift Limits (amended), effective 10/15/2016
  • 18992. Terms Used in Section 90001 (amended), effective 4/21/2016