Form 462 - IE Verification

An independent expenditure (IE) is a payment made for a communication that expressly advocates support or opposition of a candidate or ballot measure, and is not made at the behest of (or in coordination with) the affected candidate or measure committee.

Campaign committees that make independent expenditures of $1,000 or more must verify that the expenditures are, in fact, not coordinated with the relevant candidate or ballot measure committee and that the committee is reporting all contributions and reimbursements. 

Through July 1, 2016, the FPPC compiled the data from the forms submitted by committees making independent expenditures to support or oppose state candidates and ballot measures into spreadsheets that may be viewed below. The spreadsheets are organized by the date of the election in which the independent expenditures were made. 

The Form 462 simply discloses the name of the committee making the independent expenditure(s), the name of the candidate or measure being supported or opposed, and the election date.  However, the Secretary of State's website provides detailed information about each independent expenditure made to support or oppose state candidates and ballot measures, including:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Description (e.g., phone bank, mass mailing)
The total amount spent on a specific candidate or measure is also included. Click here to view the information.
Although the FPPC will no longer be updating and posting the spreadsheets, you may still request a copy of a Form 462 filed in connection with a state or local election by sending an email to  Please include the following information:
  • Name of candidate or measure (e.g., Assembly Member Lee or Measure A);
  • Jurisdiction and district, if any (e.g., Assembly District 12 or City of San Diego); and 
  • Date of the election

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