March 2020 Primary Election

Last Modified: Feb, 21 2020


The lists below reflect top contributors as reported by committees that have raised at least $1,000,000 and are primarily formed to support or oppose a state ballot measure or a candidate for state office in the March 2020 primary election. The following key explains the symbols used to indicate changes after each new update.

Status Key

NEW A new person/entity has qualified as a top 10 contributor.
A contributor has moved up the list.
A contributor has moved down the list.
+ A contributor has made an additional contribution.
- No change has occurred with this contributor.

Top Contributors List

The following are the total amount donated by top contributors to each state ballot measure that is pending Secretary of State verification or are still circulating for signatures. These lists reflect contributions as reported by Primarily Formed Committees.

Measure # Sup/Op Circulating Title Top Aggregated
Prop. 13 Support Authorizes Bonds for Facility Repair, Contruction, and Modernization at Public Preschools, K-12 Schools, Community Colleges, and Universityes. Legislative Statute.   $9,872,560
Total $9,872,560

Proposition 13


Californians for Safe Schools and Healthy Learning, Yes on Prop 13, a Committee Supported by Governor Newsom, teachers, nurses and firefighters
  Contributor State Status Total Contributions

California Coalition for Public Higher Education Issues Committee

Top Donors to Contributor

CA -

Californians for Quality Schools, Sponsored by the California Building Industry Association (CBIA)

Top Donors to Contributor

CA + $1,500,000

Coalition for Adequate School Housing Issues Committee

Top Donors to Contributor

CA -
4 California Teachers Association Issues PAC CA +
5 California Charter Schools Association CA -
6 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America CA - $334,000
7 Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Issues Committee CA - $333,333
8 Northern California Carpenters Regional Council Issues PAC CA -

California Democratic Party

Top Donors to Contributor

CA -
10 California State Association of Electrical Workers SCC
CA NEW $250,000
Total from top contributors $7,201,533


Yes on Prop 13 - California Coalition for Higher Public Education 
  Contributor State Status Total Contributions
1 UC Berkely Foundation CA -
2 Southern California Partnership for Jobs
CA -
3 UC Santa Barbara Foundation Institution CA - $200,000
4 University of California San Francisco Foundation
CA -
5 UCLA Foundation CA - $200,000
6 University of California San Diego Foundation
CA - $175,000
7 UC Davis Foundation CA - $100,000
8 University of Califonria Irvine Foundation
CA - $100,000
9 University of California Riverside Foundation
CA - $100,000
10 California State University Merced Foundation
CA NEW $50,000
Total from top contributors $1,525,000


Californians for Quality Schools, sponsored by the California Building Industry Association - Yes on Prop 13
  Contributor State Status Total Contributions
1 RMV Community Development, LLC and Aggregated Contributions CA - $320,000
2 Horton, D.R. and Affiliated Entities TX -
3 Lennar Homes of California, Inc. and Affiliated Entities CA - $149,797
4 Lewis Pacific Partners CA NEW $100,000
5 KB Home CA $88,961
6 TRI Pointe Group, Inc. and its affiliated entities including TRI Pointe Homes, Inc. and Pardee Homes CA
7 Shea Homes and Affiliated Entites AZ
8 Pulte Group, Inc. and Affiliated Entities GA
9 Brookfield Properties Development LLC PA
10 Toll Bros., Inc. PA
Total from top contributors $1,146,027


No committee opposing this ballot measure raised enough money to reach the reporting threshold for this list.