Political Reform Act Revision Project

"California needs a simplified and streamlined Political Reform Act to improve democracy and increase accountability." 

-Jodi Remke, Chairwoman

Update on the Political Reform Act Revision Project

March 13, 2017 - Over the past year, the FPPC has spearheaded a project to revise the Political Reform Act. The overarching goal of the project is to streamline and simplify the language of the Act without weakening disclosure or sacrificing accountability.

In December 2016, we released a final draft of the revised Act, which significantly improves clarity and readability, resulting in a body of law that is easier to understand and accessible to everyone, not only to experts in the field.

The bi-partisan Commission voted in January 2017 to sponsor legislation to implement the project and FPPC staff is currently working with the Legislature to ensure the project's ultimate success. We are confident that the draft will be strengthened and improved as a result of the legislative process and further public input.

At a time when the national narrative is one of political uncertainty and distrust in government, we believe this project can be used as a vehicle to help restore public confidence by highlighting that California has some of the strongest ethics laws and toughest enforcement mechanisms in the country. 

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please reach out to Phillip Ung, Director of Legislative and External Affairs, at pung@fppc.ca.gov or 916-322-7635. 

Revision Draft 2 Materials

Revision Draft 1 Materials

Contact & Questions

Public participation and feedback is essential to the success of the Political Reform Act Revision Project. Please submit your comments and suggestions to pracomment@fppc.ca.gov or visit http://www.cafwd.org/pracomment

Media: press@fppc.ca.gov