External Affairs and Education Division

The External Affairs and Education Division provides daily assistance to members of the public and the FPPC’s regulated community. This assistance is provided through training, public outreach, and telephone advice.

Training, Assistance and Public Outreach

The External Affairs and Education Division prepares and conducts extensive Training and Outreach, including workshops and webinars, to help interested parties better understand their obligations under the Act. The division develops the Forms and Manuals used in campaign and personal financial disclosure, and it provides Telephone Advice for FPPC filers, their staff and filing officers throughout the state.

Public Affairs and Media Relations

The External Affairs and Education Division provides the public and media with timely and available information on actions, decisions, events and policies of the Commission. The Media Relations, Public Affairs and Communications office helps educate the public and media on the FPPC’S role and the spirit of the Political Reform Act. The office also provides media availability of FPPC leadership and subject matter experts.