Mission to Increase Transparency

The FPPC collects thousands of forms and reports that contain important information about public officials. The transparency portal is designed to promote the accessability of this vital data. 

What's in the Portal?

The Transparency Portal is comprised of five separate tools that can help voters make informed choices at the ballot box.

Comprehensive Search Function: This feature allows users to search through public officials Form 700's, Agency Reports as well as FPPC Advice Letters, Commission Opinions and Case Closure letters.

Top Contributor Lists: These lists detail the top 10 contributors to ballot measures and independent expenditure committees that have spent $1,000,000 or more to support or oppose a measure or candidate. 

Enforcement Actions Heat Map: This map provides a compelling visualization that illustrates where FPPC enforcement actions have taken place.

Public Records Requests: This page contains information on how to request documents and records from the FPPC. 

Pending Legislation: Here the public can find all the pending bills impacting the Polticial Reform Act and the Commission's positions on those bills.