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FPPC Training & Outreach: Workshops, Webinars and Videos

FPPC offers a variety of training opportunities designed to address the duties and needs of specific individuals. Click on the links below to see the scheduled training events.

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Types of Training

   Workshops at FPPC

These 2-hour workshops are held in our Sacramento office. With experienced staff delivering the presentation in person, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and network with others in your profession. 


The FPPC Webinars are shorter versions of our workshops that you can watch from the convenience of your desk at the specified time and date. The webinars are available online only and cannot be attended in person. Each webinar generally lasts 45 minutes. The key feature of the webinar is its interactive element -- you can email questions and receive private answers from the webinar assistant any time during the presentation. Registration required. 


We currently have five training videos posted on YouTube. The videos provide fundamental information for candidates and treasurers, campaign filing officers, state agency Form 700 filing officers, local agency Form 700 filing officers, and local agency conflict of interest code reviewers. Each of the videos run approximately 30-40 minutes and has printable slides to use for notes. Additional videos on other topics coming soon!

   Workshops at Your Location

Upon request, FPPC staff coordinates a limited number of in-person workshops every year at agencies around the state. These workshops are customized to your agency's needs and generally last 2 hours. The workshops can be presented to your staff or to a larger audience. Although we try to fulfill all requests, we are restricted by staffing and resource issues. Travel expense reimbursements may be requested to facilitate the presentation.