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Candidate and Officeholder Campaign Contribution Limits

Candidates seeking any City of Sacramento elective office are subject to the following contribution limits:


Recipient Contributor Limit Per Election
Member (or Candidate)


Large Political Committee



Mayor (or Candidate)


Large Political Committee



Filing Schedules

If a special election is called, please email to request a filing schedule.

2018 Filing Schedules

November 6, 2018 Filing Schedule

Candidates and Officeholders Not Listed on 2018 Ballot

Past filing schedules are available here.

Quick Tips

  • Candidates must file Form 501 before soliciting or accepting contributions.
  • Candidates must deposit funds into the campaign bank account before spending money on the campaign including their personal funds.
  • Contributions of $100 or more made by a money order, cashier's check, or travelers cheque are prohibited


You may request advice by sending an email to We typically respond to most questions within one business day.

If your question involves a complex legal issue, a formal advice letter may issued. Information on formal advice is available here.

Advice Letters Issued

Currently no advice letters issued under City of Sacramento contract.