FPPC Hearing Summary, April 21, 2016

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.pdf version of hearing summary

Below is a brief summary of the actions of the Fair Political Practices Commission during its monthly hearing. The meeting agenda can be found on our website at www.fppc.ca.gov.


Roll: Chair Remke and Commissioners Audero, Casher, Wasserman, and Wynne in attendance.


Item 2: Minutes from March Commission Hearing. Approved 5-0.


Items 3-21 and 23-27: Consent Calendar. Approved 5-0.

(Item 22 removed from agenda by Enforcement Division)


Item 29: Adoption of procedures for state and multi-county agencies adopting or amending a conflict of interest code. Repeal Regulations 18750, 18750.1, 18750.2 and 18752, and Re-Adopt Regulation 18750. Approved 5-0.


Item 31: Legislative Update for April 2016, Staff Recommendation. Approved 5-0.


Item 32: Executive Staff Reports. Accepted as submitted.