Case Resolutions (Without Fine/Penalty)

Some cases resolve without the issuance of an administrative penalty. In those instances, the FPPC's Enforcement Division will issue a letter to the person or persons complained about to conclude the case. There are three types of letters used. 

  1. Warning Letters – A Warning Letter is issued if a violation of the Act is found but the seriousness of the offense is low, public harm is minimal, and/or other mitigation is found so that a monetary fine is not warranted. Since no administrative penalty is imposed, these letters are issued by the Enforcement Division and do not require approval by the Commissioners. 
  2. Advisory Letters - If there is insufficient evidence to prosecute a case but the person complained about appears to need information about the Act to ensure future compliance, the Enforcement Division closes the case with an advisory letter.
  3. No Action Closure Letters - If there is insufficient evidence to prosecute and no further information would be helpful or informative or the allegation has been disproven, a case may be closed with a no action closure letter. 

Warning, advisory, and no action closure letters will be posted online. All such letters that have been issued since July 1, 2009 may be found below, along with a search box and drop down menus to more easily look up letters with certain words, names, or dates.

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