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  • Webinar Training - FPPC staff will provide free online training for campaign committee treasurers, filing officers who administer Form 700s and campaign statements, and agency staff who handle conflict of interest code amendments. These 1/2 hour sessions are designed to answer the most common questions and allow individuals to email questions during the session. Presentation times were selected so that individuals who have other jobs can participate.
  • YouTube Campaign - The FPPC's YouTube PowerPoint presentation that reviews campaign disclosure rules. The presentation is in five segments and provides a quick way to learn the basic laws governing campaign practices covered under the Political Reform Act.
  • Candidates, Treasurers, and Committees - The FPPC conducts two-hour workshops that provide information to candidates and their treasurers on how to prepare their campaign finance reports and observe the Political Reform Act's requirements and prohibitions.
  • Filing Officer Seminars - The FPPC conducts free workshops and webinars on the duties of filing officials/officers regarding statements of economic interests, campaign filing officer duties and how to process a conflict-of-interest code amendment. To access webinar training information, click on the webinar link above.
  • Lobbyists - 2013-2014 Legislative Session Ethics Course Information: Contact the Senate Committee on Legislative Ethics at (916) 651-1507 to obtain the current schedule of ethics course dates and a sign-up form. Each lobbyist must complete the course. The ethics course fee is $50. Advanced registration is required.
  • Conflict of Interest / Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) / Conflict of Interest Code Review - The FPPC conducts training related to conflicts of interests and conflict-of-interest codes as time and resources are available.
  • Form 700 - This training provides general information for individuals who must file a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests.

Visit our Interested Persons Meetings - for information about Interested Persons meetings and other opportunities for public comment.

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