Behested Payments

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Below are links to reported contributions solicited by members of the Assembly, Senate and statewide elected officers. These payments are not considered campaign contributions or gifts, but are payments made at the "behest" of elected officials to be used for legislative, governmental or charitable purposes. While state law limits the amount of campaign contributions and gifts, there are no limits on these so-called "behested" payments.

State law only requires the reporting of "behested" payments if they total $5,000 or more per calendar year from a single source. There are no reporting requirements for payments up to $4,999.99.

Officials must report the "behested" payments within 30 days of the date they are made. This information is updated on a regular basis. Copies of the full reports are available at the FPPC office in Sacramento, 428 J Street, Suite 600.

Behested Payments
(Reports current as of October 7, 2014)

2014 Statewide Officers

2014 Assembly Members

2014 Senators

2013 Statewide Officers

2013 Assembly Members

2013 Senators

2012 Statewide Officers

2012 Assembly Members

2012 Senators

2011 Statewide Officers

2011 Assembly Members

2011 Senators

2010 Statewide Officers

2010 Assembly Members

2010 Senators

2009 Statewide Officers

2009 Assembly Members

2009 Senators

2008 Statewide Officers

2008 Assembly Members

2008 Senators

2007 Statewide Officers

2007 Assembly Members

2007 Senators

2006 Statewide Officers

2006 Assembly Members

2006 Senators

2005 Statewide Officers

2005 Assembly Members

2005 Senators

2004 Statewide Officers

2004 Assembly Members

2004 Senators

2003 Statewide Officers

2003 Assembly Members

2003 Senators

2002 Statewide Officers

2002 Assembly Members

2002 Senators

2001 Statewide Officers

2001 Assembly Members

2001 Senators

2000 Statewide Officers

2000 Assembly Members

2000 Senators

1999 Statewide Officers

1999 Assembly Members

1999 Senators

1998 Statewide Officers

1998 Assembly Members

1998 Senators

1997 Statewide Officers (No recordable data)

1997 Assembly Members

1997 Senators

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