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Advice issued by the Fair Political Practices Commission provides guidance to the person requesting the advice and is based on the specific facts that person has provided and the language contained in the law at the time the advice was issued. While this advice may provide guidance to others, the immunity provided by Government Code Section 83114(b) is limited to the requestor and to the specific facts contained in the formal written advice.

Formal written advice provided pursuant to Government Code Section 83114(b) does not constitute an opinion of the Commission issued pursuant to Government Code Section 83114 (a) nor a declaration of policy by the Commission.

We have attempted to identify letters that have conclusions that have been superseded by subsequent advice. We have not been able to identify all the letters that relied on laws or policy that have subsequently changed. As the statutes, regulations, and other related laws frequently change, we strongly advise you to contact the Commission for advice based on your specific facts and circumstances.

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