Form 700 Filed by a Public Official

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Statements of Economic Interests - Form 700s Posted for Public Officials

To help identify potential conflicts of interest, the law requires officials to file forms called Statements of Economic Interests (SEIs). These forms include information about the sources of an official’s income, investments, business positions, real property holdings and gifts. Merely reporting an economic interest is not a conflict in itself; a conflict may arise when a governmental decision, made by the official, impacts their economic interests.

To promote compliance and increase transparency in government, the SEIs for many local and state officials are posted on this website. Due to privacy concerns, the SEIs have the address, telephone and signature blocks redacted. Copies of the original forms are available for review or copying at the FPPC. If you have trouble finding a particular SEI or have any other questions, please contact the FPPC at

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(Forms filed in 2015 covering 2014, forms filed in late 2014 and 2015 for new officials, and amendments to 2014 forms filed by state officials. Amendments filed by local officials may be requested by email at advice

(Forms filed in 2014 covering 2013, forms filed in late 2013 and 2014 for new officials, and amendments to 2013 forms filed by state officials. Amendments filed by local officials may be requested by email at advice

Prior Years

  • 2012 Filings
    (Statements filed in 2013 covering 2012 and statements filed in 2013 for new officials)

  • 2011 Filings
    (Statements filed in 2012 covering 2011 and statements filed in 2012 for new officials)

  • 2010 Filings
    (Statements filed in 2011 covering 2010 and statements filed in 2011 for new officials)

  • 2009 Filings
    (Statements filed in 2010 covering 2009 and statements filed in 2010 for new officials)
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