California Judges 2011 Form Digitized Data

Seeking innovative new ways to promote transparency and open data with a limited budget, the FPPC has collaborated with Captricity to look at a new way to make our data available to the public. Our current technology allows us to share our hard copy Form 700's as searchable images with the exception of the hand written forms. Captricity has digitized the information on our forms allowing all of the data to be searchable and also exportable in spreadsheet form. We have entered into a pilot project with the Form 700 for the judges as a first step which we will hope to lead to all Form 700 data being available in a more usable format. We welcome your feedback.

Notes on the data:

  • Data is from the 2011 annual reports filed by active judges in early 2012
  • Certain personal information has been redacted pursuant to Regulation 18313.6.
  • Data contained in the electronic format was pulled electronically from the original physical forms. The quality of the data is dependent on the quality of the originals. Incorrectly filled out forms or illegible forms may result in data not being properly available. The original image is available for comparison.
  • Addendums, amendments and late forms may not be part of the main dataset; they will be located in the separate addendum section which is not included in global searches upon release but will be ultimately integrated into the main dataset.
  • Captricity's data portal does not support Internet Explorer. Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Free current versions of Firefox and Chrome can be downloaded from links at the bottom of this page.

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System Requirements:
Captricity runs on the latest versions of these web browsers: Firefox version 8+ or Chrome version 15+ Captricity does NOT currently run on Internet Explorer or Safari.

The Form 700's are also available on our website as searchable pdf documents.