Campaign Disclosure Manuals

Note: We are currently working to update the advertisement disclaimer charts and contribution limits charts in our manuals.  For the most current information on disclaimers and limits, please see the Campaign Advertising page and the Contribution Limits pages on our website.

The campaign disclosure manuals are user-friendly handbooks prepared to assist candidates, committees, treasurers and others in understanding the Act’s numerous and often detailed rules. The manuals contain examples of common fact patterns, answers to frequently asked questions, and “Quick Tips” to highlight important information. If your question is not answered in the applicable manual, you can Ask the FPPC for Advice.           

There are seven manuals categorized by the jurisdiction of the candidate, type of committee, contributor, or organization. And to help you find answers faster, below we have provided links to each chapter within the manuals.

In addition to the information contained in the manuals, please read about the 2018 changes to the Political Reform Act.


    Campaign Disclosure Manual 1 - Information for State Candidates, Their Controlled Committees, and Primarily Formed Committees for State Candidates

    Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 - Information for Local Candidates, Superior Court Judges, Their Controlled Committees, and Primarily Formed Committees for Local Candidates

    Campaign Disclosure Manual 3 - Information for Ballot Measure Committees

    Campaign Disclosure Manual 4 - Information for General Purpose Committees

    Please note: Campaign Manual 4 does not yet contain the most recent advertisement disclaimer information. For disclaimers on advertisements by general purpose recipient committees, please refer to these Advertisement Disclaimer Charts.

    Campaign Disclosure Manual 5 - Information for Major Donor Committees

    Campaign Manual 6 - Information for Independent Expenditure Committees

    Campaign Disclosure Manual 7 - Information for Slate Mailer Organizations