Organization & Responsibilities

The FPPC is composed of five members appointed for staggered four year terms. The Chair and another member from a different political party are appointed by the Governor. Other members are appointed by the State Controller, Secretary of State and the Attorney General. No more than three Commissioners may be from the same political party. The Chair is the only salaried, full-time member of the Commission and together with the Executive Director oversees the routine business of the Commission and its staff, subject to the overall direction of the Commission. The Chair acts for the Commission between meetings and provides policy priorities to the staff.

The Commission’s staff is separated into four divisions: Legal, Administration and Technology, Enforcement and Audits & Assistance Division.

FPPC Organizational Chart

Chair, 4 Commissioners, Exec Director, Legal, Administration and Enforcement Chief

Description of Image from top left to right: Commissioner, Elsa Ortiz, Commissioner E. Dotson Wilson, Chair Adam E. Silver, Commissioner Abby Wood, Commissioner Catharine Baker. Middle image: Executive Director, Galena West. Image from bottom left to right: Legal Division General Counsel, David Bainbridge, Administration Division Chief, Vacant, Enforcement Division Chief, James Lindsay, Audits and Assistance Division Chief, Shrdha Shah.

General Contact

Fair Political Practices Commission
1102 Q Street, Suite 3050
Sacramento, CA 95811

General Contact Line: (916)322-5660
Advice Line: 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3772)