News Releases

Our news releases generally contain two types of information. The first is information on newsworthy events or changes, like a new law, rule or regulation, or new features the FPPC is implementing to make information more accessible. These releases often include statements from the Chair on the goals and policies behind such items.

The second category is our list of Enforcement actions approved by the Commission during its monthly hearing. The releases on Enforcement actions describe the violations of the parties involved and penalties approved by Commissioners.

If you would like to be added to the press release list, please email us your request at

Additional Information

We’ve provided links in our Media Center pages to a great deal of information available on the website.

These include things like the Commission's monthly agenda, which is posted on the website 10 days in advance of each monthly Commission meeting and includes enforcement cases and supporting documents.

Other links include past Commission agendas and their meeting minutes, staff memoranda, fact sheets, campaign disclosure manuals, forms and their instructions, litigation reports, notices of public interested persons' meetings, and the current Political Reform Act and accompanying regulations.