What's New

In an effort to keep you informed regarding new and updated laws, manuals, forms, and other FPPC publications and services, this page will be updated each time changes occur. In most cases, links to updated material will remain for six months after the date of publication.

Campaign Manuals

  • The Campaign Disclosure Manuals have been updated through June 1, 2020. They can be found here.

New Fact Sheets

Biennial Notices for Multi-County Agencies

  • The Act requires every multi-county agency to review its conflict of interest code biennially and notify FPPC by October 1, 2020 as to whether or not the agency’s code needs to be amended. The appropriate documents are posted here.

Advertising Disclosure Charts

  • New advertisement disclosure rules are in effect as of January 1, 2020. Posted here are the updated advertisement disclosure charts that reflect the new rules for all committees.

State and Local Post-Employment Factsheets

  • Legislation effective January 1, 2018 changed the rules on post-employment restrictions. Updated information and factsheets have been posted here.

Recent Changes to the Law

  • Summaries of legislative and regulatory changes made to the Political Reform Act in 2020 can be found here.