Hearings, Meetings and Workshops

The  FPPC conducts a variety of meetings that ranges from the Commission's monthly hearing, opportunities for public comment, and  trainings for the regulated community. Public participation is encouraged.

Monthly Hearing

Every month the FPPC meets to hear and vote on enforcement matters, adopt regulations, discuss legislative and litigation reports, and update the public about what is going on at the Commission. The hearings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comment. 

Committee Meetings

The Commission has created two-member advisory committees; Law and Policy Committee, Budget and Staffing Committee, and Public Outreach and Technology Committee. Whenever possible, committee meetings will be noticed five days prior and the public may listen and participate in deliverations.

Interested Person Meetings: An Opportunity to Provide Public Feedback and Comment on Rulemaking

The FPPC updates its regulations, manuals and forms to address changing circumstances in California on a regular basis. When these updates happen, the FPPC will hold an Interested Persons Meeting. These meetings allow the public to provide feedback and recommendations on the FPPC rulemaking process. 

Training and Outreach

The FPPC hosts multiple Training Opportunities for campaign treasurers, lobbyists, conflict of interest code reviewers, Form 700 filers, and Form 700 filing officers.  These workshops are generally scheduled four months before filing deadlines, but can be held on request any time throughout the year.