The Enforcement Division will review all submitted advertisements and communications for compliance and will actively pursue any potential violations. 

You can submit any form of political campaign advertising, including communications made by public entities, that you believe may not be in compliance with the law. Simply upload a copy of the materials, or just take a picture on your cell phone and send it to us. Or email us at adwatch@fppc.ca.gov, it’s that simple.

Common Advertisement Violations of the Act include:

  • Failure to include “Paid for by” or “Ad paid for by” in same manner and immediately adjacent to a committee name on mass mailings
  • Disclosures in a font type, color, position, or size that does not comply with a requirement
  • Committee name does not match the name as stated in the statement of organization (Form 410)
  • Failure to disclose top contributor information
  • Required size or time length of disclosure on video or radio advertisements is not met

Violations of the Act do not include:

  • Placement of campaign signs
  • Vandalism of campaign signs
  • False or misleading campaign materials
  • Failure to include committee identification (ID) number
  • Failure to include “Paid for by committee name” on candidate yard signs, flyers, door hangers for their own election


How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.