FPPC Regulations

The FPPC is responsible for administering and enforcing the Political Reform Act (the Act). It enacts regulations that implement the law, issues advice letters, and adopts advisory opinions that apply the Act as well as the regulations to particular circumstances.

This section provides access to a variety of legal resources, including an index of the current regulations, the newly adopted or amended regulations, and the proposed regulations and notices

Regulation Process - Public Comment

As part of regulation process, each proposed regulation must be made available for public comment for a certain amount of time before it is enacted.

If you would like to comment on a proposed regulation, you can find notices of proposed regulatory actions here. Notices provide a deadline for submitting written comments and the date of the Commission's meeting at which the proposed regulatory action will be considered. Public comments are also accepted during the Commission's meetings.  

Additionally, FPPC staff may schedule interested person's meetings for proposed regulatory actions. Interested person's meetings allow the public to provide additional input to Commission staff during the drafting stages of the regulation process. Information regarding interested person's meetings can be found here.

2024 Proposed Regulatory Calendar

The 2024 Proposed Regulatory Calendar is available here. The calendar reflects anticipated regulatory proposals for the calendar year. The calendar is provided for planning purposes and regulatory proposals may be added, removed, or rescheduled at any time.