Judges' Economic Disclosure Forms and Campaign Contribution Information Available Online

Contact: Jay Wierenga, (916) 322-7761

.pdf version of news release


For the first time ever in its history, the FPPC is posting online the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700s) of California judges. We are excited to be posting the information in a new format as well. In addition to posting the PDF files on our website, we are making the data available in a format that is easier to access and use. We want the public and the press to be able to search and sort the data to find the answers to the questions that they want answered.

"A major focus of the FPPC is the disclosure of important information to the public in an accessible way," said the Commission's Chair Ann Ravel. "We understand that information about a public official's financial interests must be disclosed in a way that is meaningful."

FPPC is entering into a new era in public transparency. Disclosure of political financing and financial information of public officials that could lead to conflicts is at the heart of our mission. We are hoping that the new presentation of data can be extended to all of our data in the future.

The new structured data has been developed by Captricity, a civic start-up company with an affiliation with the non-profit organization Code for America. Captricity's innovative technology provides accurate and low cost data extraction from images of paper filings, including hand written information. The digitized data is now available and can be searched or downloaded as a spreadsheet /CSV data file from the Captricity website. California Judges 2011 Form 700 Digitized Data

In addition, the FPPC is posting a chart showing campaign contributions in judicial races for the 2012 campaigns, including information about the November runoff campaigns and contributions to successful candidates in June 2012. Judicial Donors Report 

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