Nationwide Group of Campaign Enforcement Agencies to Launch "Sun Center" Disclosure Website

Contact: Jay Wierenga, (916) 322-7761

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Sacramento - A nationwide group of campaign and governmental ethics regulators from states and cities across the country today announced the launch of the "States' Unified Network (SUN) Center," a web presence aimed for the first time at providing campaign disclosure nationwide and collaborative enforcement of campaign finance rules.

"For the first time, states and cities are banding together to share innovative ideas, strategies and legislation related to campaign finance," said Ann Ravel, Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). "The SUN Center will be a one stop shop for the public to stay informed and encourage campaign disclosure in elections."

The Center will display proposed and existing legislation organized by issue area, current news, and other information concerning campaign finance. It will also, for the first time ever, develop a database of organizations that make contributions in multiple states, to allow campaign disclosure enforcement entities to exchange information, indentify patterns, review enforcement histories, and coordinate enforcement efforts.

The group is nonpartisan and consists of 10 states and cities, including, New York State and City, California, Alaska, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, and Iowa. The group is informal, but confers regularly to bring best practices and coordination to campaign disclosure efforts in individual states and at the national level.

The website was launched today and can be seen here.