Governor Signs Bill to Increase Dark Money Disclosure

Contact: Jay Wierenga, (916) 322-7761

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Sacramento - Today the Governor signed Assembly Bill 800 (Gordon), which will bolster the FPPC's ability to enforce campaign finance disclosure before and after elections. AB 800 allows the FPPC to conduct audits and use injunction power to compel disclosure during elections. The bill was supported by the FPPC.

"Today California took a big step towards ensuring that campaign laws are followed before the election, when it matters," said Erin Peth, Executive Director of the FPPC. "AB 800 gives the FPPC additional tools it needs to get disclosure in the evolving world of campaign finance."

AB 800 makes several changes to the Political Reform Act, including granting the FPPC authority to conduct discretionary audits of any campaign during elections and to seek injunctive relief in court to compel disclosure from committees. Prior to this bill's passage, the FPPC was unable to commence audits of committees until after the conclusion of the general election. It also gives pre-election FPPC civil actions preference in court to be heard faster to ensure disclosures happen before Election Day.

"This is a serious blow to individuals trying to conceal the identities of major donors," said Peth. "This bill enhances the FPPC's ability to be proactive in making sure campaign finance laws are being complied with during the election, when they matter most."