FPPC Launches Online Toolkit for New Candidates

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SACRAMENTO - Today the FPPC is launching an online toolkit that provides step-by-step instructions to prospective candidates on how to comply with various rules and laws involved in running for office. This online toolkit condenses several instructional manuals already available from the FPPC into a comprehensive, easy-to-use format.

"We want to encourage people to participate in the political process," said Jodi Remke, Chair of the FPPC. "This one site, one stop toolkit is our latest effort to streamline the process to promote public involvement and improve compliance."

Every year, candidates without extensive campaign experience or a specialized attorney look to the FPPC for guidance on how to comply with the Political Reform Act when conducting their campaigns for public office. The online toolkit provides easy to understand information, including links to the required disclosure forms, filing deadlines, regulations, and frequently asked questions.

"The FPPC has created an excellent, comprehensive and user-friendly resource that will help would-be candidates overcome potential barriers to running for office and understand the rules of the road" said Kim Alexander, President and Founder of California Voter Foundation.

"California's campaign reporting and ethics laws are critical to making sure we run fair and open elections," said Matt Cate, Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties. "Having all the forms, information and directions in one place will make it easier for local government candidates to comply. The toolkit is also a great resource for the County Clerks and Registrars of Voters who run elections in each of our 58 counties."

Chris McKenzie, executive director, League of California Cities, added, "The new FPPC online toolkit will be a great resource for citizens who want to run for local office. Having election information and requirements in one place will make the process of running for office more easily accessible for people who want to serve their communities in an elected capacity."

"In 2014, the Commission received more than 22,000 requests for advice, underscoring that most public officials strive to stay within the bounds of the law," said Chair Remke. "That's why we've taken steps to improve and expand our educational outreach efforts."

The online toolkit follows the recent addition of the FPPC's "Top Ten List" of top donors to statewide ballot campaigns. Both are designed to further the FPPC's goal of making things easier for the officials to do and easier for the public to see.

The toolkit can be accessed Here.