FPPC Hearing Summary, June 13, 2019

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June 13, 2019


Jay Wierenga, FPPC

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Below is a summary of the actions of the Fair Political Practices Commission during its monthly hearing. The meeting agenda can be found on our website at www.fppc.ca.gov

Roll: Chair Miadich and Commissioners Hatch and Hayward were in attendance. 

Item 2: Minutes from May 2019 Commission Hearing. Approved 3-0. 

Items 3-5, 8: Enforcement Actions. Approved 3-0. 

Item 6: Enforcement Item. Motion to approve with the fine for Mr. Payne individually to be lowered to $25,000. Approved 3-0. 

Item 7: Enforcement Item. Motion to approve and ask that a lien be placed on the Respondent’s property. Approved 3-0. 

Item 9: Proposed Repeal and Adoption of Regulation 18329, Formal Written Advice and Informal Assistance. Approved 3-0. 

Item 10: Adoption of Non-Substantive Amendments to Various Regulations. Approved 3-0. 

Item 11: Update on Enforcement Agreements with Municipalities Pursuant to Government Code Sections 83123.5 and 83123.6. Discussion item. 

Item 12: Committee Updates. Information item. 

Item 13: Legislative Update. Motion to support AB 220. Approved 3-0. Motion to move from sponsor position to support if amended on SB 71. Approved 3-0. Motion to move forward with legislation to set a dollar threshold for when additional contributions from a contributor require a committee to amend a T10 contributor list. Approved 3-0. 

Item 14: Minner Advice Letter, A-19-032. No action by Commission. 

Item 15: Advice Letter Report. Accepted as submitted. 

Item 16: Executive Staff Reports. Accepted as submitted. 

Item 17: Commissioner Comments and Proposed Future Agenda Items. Commissioner Hayward asked that Staff look into tightening current law in respect to behested payments. Commissioner Hatch asked for a closed session in July to discuss pending litigation and for Staff to bring back a summary of the public generally exception and how it compares to bright line rules.