FPPC 2016 Heat Map now available; shows violations from each county




December 20, 2016 


Jay Wierenga, FPPC Communications Director(916) 322-761


FPPC 2016 Heat Map now available; shows violations from each county

The FPPC prosecutes hundreds of cases each year and now it’s easier than ever to see where the violations occurred and by whom. The FPPC Heat Map is an interactive and intuitive tool available on our website that shows the number of cases and violations county-by-county for 2016.

"We are always striving to improve our technology to increase transparency,” said FPPC Chair Jodi Remke. “The heat map will help inform voters and strengthen accountability.”

The heat map works by moving your browser over the map to find a particular county. It will then show you how many cases were prosecuted and resolved in that specific county in 2016. When you click on the link, you will be able to find the name of the person or persons who committed the violation, the type of violation, when it was on the FPPC Agenda, and the penalty imposed by the Commission. You can find more specific details on each case by clicking on the case number.

In 2016, the FPPC successfully prosecuted 311 cases statewide with penalties totaling $894,257.  

The FPPC is an independent, non-partisan commission that regulates, interprets and enforces the Political Reform Act, which covers campaign finance, conflicts of interest, and state lobbying activity.

http://www.fppc.ca.gov/transparency/heat- map.html                                                                                                                                                                               XXX