Top Two Donors

Proposition 13

Californians for Safe Schools and Healthy Learning, Yes on Prop 13, a Committee Supported by Governor Newsom, teachers, nurses adn firefighters


  • RVM Community Development, LLC & Aggregated Contributions
  • Horton, D.R. And Affiliated Entities
  • California Teachers Association - Issues PAC
  • Service Employees International Union Local 1000 Candidate PAC
  • Southern California Partnership for Jobs
  • UC Santa Barbara Foundation Institution Advancement MC
  • Telacu Construction Management, Inc.
  • Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc.

Lisa Calderon



  • Service Employees International Union Political Education and Action Fund (SEIU PEA)(MPO)
  • SEIU COPE (Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education)
  • California Teachers Association, Association for Better Citizenship