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Fair Political Practices Commission

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California Fair Political Practices Commission
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December 2012

Reference Pamphlet Page 2 - Contents and What's New


  • Who Must File - Page 3
  • Types of Statements - Page 4
  • Where to File - Page 5
  • When to File - Page 6
  • Terms and Definitions - Page 8

What's New

During 2011 and 2012, the gift limit was $420 from a single source per calendar year. For calendar years 2013- 2014, the limit increased to $440 from a single source during a calendar year. This gift limit is effective until December 31, 2014.

Regulation 18313.6 allows for redaction of certain information from an elected officer's statement of economic interests for purposes of the online posting on FPPC's website if the elected officer has a reasonable privacy concern related to an individual's address, or a family member's name or other personally identifiable information.

Filing Deadlines for Filers Under Active Military Duty - If a person is under active military duty as defined in the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act, the deadline for the annual Form 700 is 30 days following his or her return to office, provided the person or a representative notifies the filing officer in writing prior to the filing deadline that he or she is subject to that federal statute and is unable to meet the applicable deadline, and provides the filing officer verification of his or her military status.

Beginning January 1, 2012, certain gifts you receive may not be reportable. In other cases, gift rules changed and are more strict. See the FPPC gift fact sheets for more information.

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