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  • Search by exact phrase surrounding words with double quotes. Example: “John Smith”  
  • Expand search results for similar truncated words using a asterisk (*). Example: educat* will also match educate, educated, education, educational or educator.
  • A question mark (?) may be used to represent a single unknown character, anywhere in the word. Example: searching for Jo?n would return both John and Joan

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, and NOT (NOTE: Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS)

  • For each results that contain either “John Smith” or just “Smith” use the search (Default Setting):
                “John Smith” OR Smith
  • For each results tat contain either “John Smith” and “John Doe” use the search:
                “John Smith” AND “John Doe”
  • For search results that contain “Conflict of Interest” but not “RE:” (keyword from Advice Letters) and “Form 700” use the search:
                "Conflict of Interest" NOT "RE:" NOT "Form 700"

Proximity Searches

  • For search results that contain “Mass Mailing 2013” within 15 words of each other use the search:
                "Mass Mailing 2013"~15