Committee for Measures T & U, Daralyn Reed, and Louise Gliatto


Fine: $3,500

FPPC No. 16/427

Committee for Measures T & U is a primarily formed ballot measure committee in Siskiyou County. Daralyn Reed is the Committee’s treasurer. Louise Gliatto is the Committee’s principal officer. The Committee, Reed, and Gliatto failed to place a proper disclosure statement on advertisements, in violation of Government Code Section 84504, subdivision (c), and Regulation 18450.4, subdivision (b)(3)(D) (1 count). The Committee also failed to timely disclose an expenditure on advertisements on a pre-election campaign statement, in violation of Government Code Section 84211, subdivisions (b) and (k) (1 count).

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How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.