Statement of Economic Interests for Candidates

Every elected official and public employee who makes or participates in making governmental decisions is required to submit a Statement of Economic Interests, also known as the Form 700. The Form 700 provides transparency and ensures accountability in governmental decisions.

In addition to currently elected officials, as summarized below, the law also requires certain candidates to file a Form 700. Please note that the Form 700 is a public document and the financial interests you disclose on it will be available for review upon request by any member of the public.

Who must file:     

  • Candidates running for an elective state office, board of supervisors, district attorney, county treasurer, mayor, member of a city council, and superior court judge as listed in Government Code Section 87200. 
  • Candidates running for local elective offices that are designated in a conflict of interest code (e.g., county sheriffs, city clerks, school board trustees, and water board members).
County Central Committee candidates are not required to file the Form 700.

Where to file:

  • Candidates filing under Government Code section 87200:
    • State office -- Your county elections filing official
    • County office -- Your county elections filing official
    • City office -- Your city clerk
  • All other candidates:   File with your local elections office.

When to file:

  • A candidate's Form 700 must be filed no later than the final filing date of a declaration of candidacy or nomination documents.

A copy of the Form 700 and more detailed information about the process are available on the Form 700 page.

The following are from the Political Reform Act.

Government Code Sections

Section 87100    Public Officials; State and Local
Section 87103    Financial Interest
Section 87200    Applicability
Section 87201    Candidates
Section 87202    Officials - Elected, Appointed and Hold Over
Section 87204    Leaving Office
Section 87205    Persons Completing and Beginning Term of Office on the Same Day


This toolkit provides guidance and a general overview of the rules for campaigns, but it does not replace any requirements under the Political Reform Act or Fair Political Practices Commission Regulations.  Information here should be used in conjunction with a careful review of the applicable laws.

How to Request Advice

If you have questions about your obligations under the Act you can request advice directly from FPPC staff