Reporting Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Admission Distribution - Form 802

Under specific circumstances, an agency’s distribution of tickets to entertainment events, sporting events, etc., does not result in a gift to the individuals who attend. The agency must adopt a written policy that identifies the public purpose served in distributing the tickets. Admission to certain events for an individual who performs a ceremonial role (e.g., ribbon cutting) also does not result in a gift to the individual if the required information is disclosed. 

The Form 802 is used by state and local government agencies to disclose detailed information about the distribution of tickets and passes, including the identity of persons who receive the tickets and passes and the public purpose of each ticket distribution. The Form 802 is also used to disclose information about ceremonial role events. 

The FPPC posts on its website links to the completed Form 802s and the ticket distribution policies adopted by agencies. 

To complete the Form 802, use the PDF or Excel format below.  You may also access Regulation 18944.1, which outlines the rules for an agency’s distribution of tickets and passes.  

Submit website links to completed Form 802s and ticket policies to


The City of Sandy Beach received 24 tickets from California Cycle Association, an organization sponsoring a major bicycling event. The tickets are for seats at the awards ceremony on March 15 and are valued at $50 each. The City Manager distributed the tickets as follows:  two tickets to the employees in the Parks and Recreation Division; 10 tickets to the Boy Scouts Club; 10 tickets to the Girl Scouts Club; and two tickets to an elected official who will present the winner’s trophy on behalf of the agency.


A sample version of Form 802 properly filled out.

The image shows that the agency named “City of Sandy Beach” had a function or event which had a ticket policy costing $50/ ticket on 3/15. Tickets were not provided by the agency, but by CA cycle association. Tickets were not made at the behest of the agency. Recipients included 2 tickets for Parks and Recreation (because of the Ticket Policy Section Number 16), 2 tickets for Sandra Linn (who presented a trophy at a bicycling event), 10 tickets for the Boy Scouts Club (because of the Ticket Policy Section Number 14), and finally 10 tickets for the Girl Scouts Club (because of the Ticket Policy Section Number 14). Charlotte Mason, the City Manager, signed the verification portion on 3/15.

Frequently Asked Questions about Completing the Form 802

Q.  If an agency’s elected official takes a staff member to a ceremonial event, does the staff member’s name need to be disclosed on the Form 802?

A.  No. The staff member’s name is not required. The official’s name is required in Part 3, Section B, and two tickets would be listed.

Q.  An organization gives 10 concert tickets to an agency. The agency distributes the tickets to its employees. The agency does not have a ticket policy. Does this need to be disclosed on the Form 802?

A.   No. Since the agency does not have a ticket policy, the individuals receiving the tickets would report the value of the tickets on their Form 700 if the organization is a reportable source and the value of the ticket(s) to each individual is $50 or more. In order for tickets not to result in reportable gifts to its employees, the agency must adopt a policy identifying the public purpose of distributing tickets.

Q.   An agency adopts a ticket policy. A local minor league baseball team donates 10 tickets to the city and the city distributes the tickets in accordance with the agency’s ticket policy to employees in its parks department. Does this need to be disclosed on the Form 802?

A.   Yes. In Part 3, Section A, the department must be listed, but the individuals’ names are not required. 

Q.  Our agency has provided FPPC a link to our ticket policy and to our posted 802 forms. Are we required to notify you each time we post new forms?

A.  No. You are only required to notify FPPC if the location on your website where the forms are posted changes. If this happens, send an e-mail to to provide the new location.

Q.   The county fair board members received tickets to the county fair. Does the agency complete Part 3, Section A or Section B?

A.   Section B. When tickets are used by governing board members, the individuals’ names must be listed.


How to Request Advice

If you have questions about your obligations under the Act you can request advice directly from FPPC staff