Initiatives and Referenda Failed to Qualify

Below are lists of the top 10 contributors to committees supporting and/or opposing state ballot measures that raised at least $1,000,000 for the November 2020 general election, but failed to qualify.

The lists do not show the total contributions to each committee, only the top 10 contributors who have contributed more than $10,000 to a committee that has raised more than $1,000,000.

For itemized contributions to these committees ($100 or more) and expenditures made by the committees, please click on the name of the committee in the Contributions to Committees, formed to, support or oppose to Ballot Measure(s) tab, to go to the committee's Cal-Access page. 

For additional information on ballot measure financing, go to the CA Secretary of State’s ballot measure page.

The following are the total amount donated by top contributors to each state ballot measure that is pending Secretary of State verification or are still circulating for signatures. These lists reflect contributions as reported by Primarily Formed Committees.

Measure # Sup/Op Circulating Title Top Aggregated Contributions
1864. (19-0003) Support Changes Requirements for Transferring Property Tax Base to Replacement Property. Expands Business Property Reassessment. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. $18,570,000
Total from top contributors: $18,570,000


1864. (19-0003)


Homeownership for Families and Tax Savings for Seniors, Sponsored by California Association of Realtors
No. Contributor State Status Total Contributions
1 California Association of Realtors CA NEW $15,700,000
2 California Association of Realtors Issues Mobilization PAC CA - $10,700,000
3 National Association of Realtors CA + $870,000
Total from top contributors: $18,570,000