Reference Pamphlet, page 3 - Who Must File

California Form 700 Reference Pamphlet (2013-2014) Fair Political Practices Commission
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Reference Pamphlet 3

1. Officials and Candidates Specified in Gov. Code Section 87200 and Members of Boards and Commissions of Newly Created Agencies

The Act requires the following individuals to fully disclose their personal assets and income described in Form 700, Statement of Economic Interests:

State Offices

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Controller
  • Insurance Commissioner
  • Secretary of State
  • Treasurer
  • Members of the State Legislature
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • State Board of Equalization Members
  • Public Utilities Commissioners
  • State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commissioners
  • State Coastal Commissioners
  • Fair Political Practices Commissioners
  • State public officials (including employees and consultants) who manage public investments
  • Elected members of and candidates for the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System
  • Elected members of and candidates for the Teachers' Retirement Board
  • Members of the High Speed Rail Authority

Other officials and employees of state boards, commissions, agencies, and departments file Form 700 as described in Part 2 on this page..

Judicial Offices

  • Supreme, Appellate, and Superior Court Judges
  • Court Commissioners
  • Retired Judges, Pro-Tem Judges, and part-time Court Commissioners who serve or expect to serve 30 days or more in a calendar year

County and City Offices

  • Members of Boards of Supervisors
  • Mayors and Members of City Councils
  • Chief Administrative Officers
  • District Attorneys
  • County Counsels
  • City Attorneys
  • City Managers
  • Planning Commissioners
  • County and City Treasurers
  • County and city public officials (including employees and consultants) who manage public investments

Members of Boards and Commissions of Newly Created Agencies

Members must fully disclose their investments, interests in real property, business positions, and income (including loans, gifts, and travel payments) until the positions are covered under a conflict of interest code.

2. State and Local Officials, Employees, Candidates, and Consultants Designated in a Conflict of Interest Code ("Code Filers")

The Act requires every state and local government agency to adopt a unique conflict of interest code. The code lists each position within the agency filled by individuals who make or participate in making governmental decisions that could affect their personal economic interests.

The code requires individuals holding those positions to periodically file Form 700 disclosing certain personal economic interests as determined by the code's "disclosure categories." These individuals are called "designated employees" or "code filers."

Obtain your disclosure categories from your agency – they are not contained in the Form 700. Persons with broad decisionmaking authority must disclose more interests than those in positions with limited discretion. For example, you may be required to disclose only investments and business positions in or income (including loans, gifts, and travel payments) from businesses of the type that contract with your agency, or you may not be required to disclose real property interests.

In addition, certain consultants to public agencies may qualify as public officials because they make, participate in making, or act in a staff capacity for governmental decisions. Agencies determine who is a consultant and the level of disclosure and may use Form 805.

Note: An official who holds a position specified in Gov. Code Section 87200 is not required to file statements under the conflict of interest code of any agency that has the same or a smaller jurisdiction (for example, a state legislator who also sits on a state or local board or commission).

Employees in Newly Created Positions of Existing Agencies

An individual hired for a position not yet covered under an agency's conflict of interest code must file Form 700 if the individual serves in a position that makes or participates in making governmental decisions. These individuals must file under the agency's broadest disclosure category until the code is amended to include the new position unless the agency has provided in writing a limited disclosure requirement. The Form 804 may be used to satisfy this requirement.

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