What Schedule Do I Use?

FPPC Form 700 (2013/2014)
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Instructions - Page 3

Common Reportable Interests

Schedule A-1: Stocks, including those held in an IRA or a 401K
Schedule A-2: Business entities (including certain independent contracting), sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and trusts
Schedule B: Rental property in the jurisdiction
Schedule C: Non-governmental salaries of public official and spouse/registered domestic partner
Schedule D: Gifts from businesses (such as tickets to sporting or entertainment events)
Schedule E: Travel payments from third parties (not your employer)

Common Non-Reportable Interests

Schedule A-1: Insurance policies, government bonds, diversified mutual funds, certain funds similar to diversified mutual funds (such as exchange traded funds) and investments held in certain retirement accounts. See Reference Pamphlet, page 12, for detailed information. (Regulation 18237)
Schedule A-2: Savings and checking accounts and annuities
Schedule B: A residence used exclusively as a personal residence (such as a home or vacation cabin)
Schedule C: Governmental salary (such as a school district)
Schedule D: Gifts from family members
Schedule E: Travel paid by your government agency


  • Mark the "No reportable interests" box on Part 4 of the Schedule Summary on the Cover Page if you determine you have nothing to disclose and file the Cover Page only. Make sure you carefully read all instructions to ensure proper reporting.
  • The Form 700 is a public document.
  • Most individuals must consult their agency's conflict of interest code for reportable interests.
  • Most individuals file the Form 700 with their agencies.

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