Form 700 Cover Page Instructions

FPPC Form 700 (2014/2015)
FPPC Toll-Free Helpline: 1 (866) ASK-FPPC, (866) 275-3772
Instructions - Page 1

Enter your name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number in the spaces provided. Because the Form 700 is a public document, you may list your business/office address instead of your home address.

Part 1. Office, Agency, or Court

  • Enter the name of the office sought or held, or the agency or court. Consultants must enter the public agency name rather than their private firm's name. (Examples: State Assembly; Board of Supervisors; Office of the Mayor; Department of Finance; Hope County Superior Court)
  • Indicate the name of your division, board, or district, if applicable. (Examples: Division of Waste Management; Board of Accountancy; District 45). Do not use acronyms.
  • Enter your position title. (Examples: Director; Chief Counsel; City Council Member; Staff Services Analyst)
  • If you hold multiple positions (i.e., a city council member who also is a member of a county board or commission), you may be required to file statements with each agency. To simplify your filing obligations, you may complete an expanded statement.
  • To do this, enter the name of the other agency(ies) with which you are required to file and your position title(s) in the space provided. Do not use acronyms.Attach an additional sheet if necessary. Complete one statement covering the disclosure requirements for all positions. Each copy must contain an original signature. Therefore, before signing the statement, make a copy for each agency. Sign each copy with an original signature and file with each agency.

If you assume or leave a position after a filing deadline, you must complete a separate statement. For example, a city council member who assumes a position with a county special district after the April 1 annual filing deadline must file a separate assuming office statement. In subsequent years, the city council member may expand his or her annual filing to include both positions.


Scott Baker is a city council member for the City of Lincoln and a board member for the Camp Far West Irrigation District – a multi-county agency that covers Placer and Yuba counties. Scott will complete one Form 700 using full disclosure (as required for the city position) and covering interests in both Placer and Yuba counties (as required for the multi-county position) and list both positions on the Cover Page. Before signing the statement, Scott will make a copy and sign both statements. One statement will be filed with City of Lincoln and the other will be filed with Camp Far West Irrigation District. Both will contain an original signature.

Part 2. Jurisdiction of Office

  • Check the box indicating the jurisdiction of your agency and, if applicable, identify the jurisdiction. Judges, judicial candidates, and court commissioners have statewide jurisdiction. All other filers should review the Reference Pamphlet, page 13, to determine their jurisdiction.
  • If your agency is a multi-county office, list each county in which your agency has jurisdiction.
  • If your agency is not a state office, court, county office, city office, or multi-county office (e.g., school districts, special districts and JPAs), check the "other" box and enter the county or city in which the agency has jurisdiction.


This filer is a member of a water district board with jurisdiction in portions of Yuba and Sutter Counties.

Part 3. Type of Statement

[Begin illustration of example of filing out Parts 1 and 2 of Form 700 cover page, Office, Agency or Court and Jurisdiction of Office]

Part 1, Office, Agency or Court

  • Agency Name (Do not use acronyms)
  • Division, Board, Department, District, if applicable
  • Your Position
  • If filing for multiple positions, list below or on an attachment (Do not use acronyms), Agency and Position

Part 2, Jurisdiction of Office

  • Jurisdiction of Office (Check at least one box): checked Multi-County, Yuba & Sutter Counties

[End illustration of example of filing out Parts 1 and 2 of Form 700 cover page, Office, Agency or Court and Jurisdiction of Office]

Check at least one box. The period covered by a statement is determined by the type of statement you are filing. If you are completing a 2014 annual statement, do not change the pre-printed dates to reflect 2015. Your annual statement is used for reporting the previous year's economic interests. Economic interests for your annual filing covering January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015, will be disclosed on your statement filed in 2016. See Reference Pamphlet, page 4.

Combining Statements: Certain types of statements may be combined. For example, if you leave office after January 1, but before the deadline for filing your annual statement, you may combine your annual and leaving office statements. File by the earliest deadline. Consult your filing officer or the FPPC.

Part 4. Schedule Summary

Enter the total number of completed pages including the cover page and either check the box for each schedule you use to disclose interests; or if you have nothing to disclose on any schedule, check the "No reportable interests" box. Please do not attach any blank schedules.

Part 5. Verification

Complete the verification by signing the statement and entering the date signed. All statements must have an original "wet" signature or be duly authorized by your filing officer to file electronically under Government Code Section 87500.2. Instructions, examples, FAQs, and a reference pamphlet are available to help answer your questions. When you sign your statement, you are stating, under penalty of perjury, that it is true and correct. Only the filer has authority to sign the statement. An unsigned statement is not considered filed and you may be subject to late filing penalties.

[End of INSTRUCTIONS - Form 700 COVER PAGE - Instructions - Page 1]