Reference Pamphlet, page 5 - Where to File

California Form 700 Reference Pamphlet (2014-2015) Fair Political Practices Commission
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1. Officials Specified in Gov. Code Section 87200
(See Reference Pamphlet, page 3):

In most cases, the filing officials listed below will retain a copy of your statement and forward the original to the FPPC.

87200 Filers

  • State offices file at your agency
  • Judicial offices file at the clerk of your court
  • Retired Judges file directly with FPPC
  • County offices file with your county filing official
  • City offices file with your city clerk
  • Multi-County offices file with your agency

87200 Candidates

  • State offices, judicial offices and multi-county offices file with county elections official with whom you file your declaration of candidacy
  • County offices file with your county elections official
  • City offices file with the city clerk
  • Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) file with CalPERS
  • State Teachers' Retirement Board(CalSTRS) file with CalSTRS

Note: Individuals that invest public funds for a city or county agency must file Form 700 with the agency. Unlike other 87200 filers, the original statement will not be forwarded to the FPPC pursuant to Regulation 18753.

2. Code Filers - State and Local Officials, Employees, Candidates, and Consultants Designated in a Conflict of interest Code:

File with your agency, board, or commission unless otherwise specified in your agency's conflict of interest code. In most cases, the agency, board, or commission will retain the statements.

Candidates for local elective offices designated in a conflict of interest code file with the elections office where the declaration of candidacy or other nomination documents are filed.

3. Members of Boards and Commissions of Newly Created Agencies:

File with your newly created agency or with your agency's code reviewing body as provided by your code reviewing body.

State Senate and Assembly staff members file statements directly with the FPPC.


  • Elected state officers are not required to file statements under any agency's conflict of interest code.
  • Filers listed in Section 87200 are not required to file statements under any agency's conflict of interest code in the same jurisdiction. For example, a county supervisor who is appointed to serve in an agency with jurisdiction in the same county has no additional filing obligations.

4. Positions Not Yet Covered Under a Conflict of interest Code

An individual hired for a position not yet covered under an agency's conflict of interest code must file Form 700 if the individual serves in a position that makes or participates in making governmental decisions. These individuals must file under the broadest disclosure category until the code is amended to include the new position unless the agency has provided in writing a limited disclosure requirement. Agencies may use FPPC Form 804 for this disclosure. Such individuals are referred to as "code filers." See Regulation 18734.

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