Due to the current surge in Covid-19 in California and Sacramento County, the Fair Political Practices Commission will be closed to the public from January 10, 2022 through February 1, 2022. Public meetings will not be held during January. 

For the week of January 24, 2022 through January 31, 2022, telephone advice will include afternoon hours from 1:30 p.m. - 3p.m.

On Friday, January 28, 2022 advice phone hours are 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

What's new

  • FPPC issues two reports showing big increase in behested payment activity
  • New report from Campaign Legal Center points to FPPC transparency tool as national model 
  • Newly Adopted Regulations!
    • FPPC makes four changes on Behested Payments
      • 18424. Behested Payment Reporting. Additional Information (adopted), effective 12/22/21
      • 18424.1. Behested Payment Reporting. Good Faith Estimate (adopted), effective 12/22/21 
      • 18424.2. Behested Payment Reporting. Charitable Organization Fundraising Solicitations (adopted), effective 12/22/21 
      • 18424.3. Behested Payment Reporting. Payments from Donor Advised Funds (adopted), effective 12/22/21 
    • FPPC makes changes to lobbying rules
      • 18610. Lobbyist Accounting (amended), adopted 11/18/21 
      • 18612. Accounting by Lobbyist Firms (adopted), adopted 11/18/21 
      • 18615. Accounting by Lobbyist Employers (amended), adopted 11/18/21 
    • FPPC adds rule on Social Media amplification
      • 18421.11. Reporting Payments in Connection with Amplification of Online Communications (adopted), effective 1/1/22
    • FPPC updates filing officer and filing official’s duties
      • 18115. Duties of Filing Officers and Filing Officials- Statements of Economic Interests (amended) adopted 11/18/21 
      • 18115.2. Duties of Filing Officers and Filing Officials- Electronically Filed Statements of Economic Interests (amended), adopted 11/18/21 
    • FPPC adopts new changes for Statements of Economic Interests
      • 18723.1. Statements of Economic Interests: Public Officials with Multiple Positions (amended), adopted 11/18/21 
      • 18757. Statements of Economic Interests; Filing an Original Statement of Economic Interest in Electronic Format Without a Certified Electronic Filing System (adopted), adopted 11/18/21 
    • FPPC makes E-signature regulation change
      • 18104. Secure Electronic Signatures (adopted), adopted 11/18/21 
  • Digital Transparency Task Force Report and Recommendations (2021)
  • New Search Function
  • Recent Changes to the Political Reform Act

This Month at the FPPC

Commission meeting: Thursday, January 20, 10AM (CANCELLED)

Public Outreach and Technology Committee meeting: Tuesday, January 18, 10AM  (CANCELLED)

Budget and Staffing Committee meeting: Tuesday, January 18, 1PM  (CANCELLED)

Training and Outreach

Candidates, Treasurers and Committees: Wednesday, January 5, 2PM-3:30PM 

Form 700 Filing Officers:

  • Thursday, January 6, 2PM-3:30PM
  • Thursday, January 13, 2pm-3:30PM

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FPPC News & Updates

A December 2020 Forbes article notes, “In a year that has been extraordinary in every conceivable—and inconceivable—way, it’s not a shock that 2020 would provide an unprecedented level of political advertising spending.....

Published: November 02, 2021

California regulators approved new transparency requirements Thursday for charitable contributions made on behalf of politicians with whom the donors may be trying to curry favor, an attempt to reveal wealthy donors who hide behind anonymous accounts.... 

Published: October 21, 2021

THE BUZZ — SEIU SHOCKER: Allegations against one of the state’s biggest power players — the leader of a major labor union — stunned Sacramento Wednesday.... 

Published: October 14, 2021




California Fair Political Practices Commission

The Fair Political Practices Commission is a five-member independent, non-partisan commission that has primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act.

The Act regulates campaign financing, conflicts of interest, lobbying, and governmental ethics. The Commission’s objectives are to ensure that public officials act in a fair and unbiased manner in the governmental decision-making process, to promote transparency in government, and to foster public trust in the political system.