Robert L. Griffith and Committee To Elect Robert Griffith

Campaign Late Filer/Statement of Economic Interests Late Filer

Fine: $55,000

FPPC No. 12/344

Respondent, Robert L. Griffith, is an elected governing board member of the Mountain View School District, who has served since 1989 and is currently running for re-election for his seventh four-year term. Respondent, Committee To Elect Robert Griffith, is Respondent Griffith’s controlled committee. In this matter, Respondents failed to file eight semi-annual campaign statements, in violation of Government Code Section 84200, subdivision (a) (8 counts); and failed to file two pre-election campaign statements in violation of Government Code Sections 84200.5 subdivision (c) and 84200.8, subdivision (a) (2 counts). Additionally, Respondent Griffith failed to file his 2011 Annual Statement of Economic Interests in violation of Government Code Section 87203 (1 count). Respondents ignored numerous notifications from filing officers and the Enforcement Division in this regard and have an extensive history of the same violations of the Act. Additionally, Respondent Griffith in still in office and is running for re-election to his seventh four-year term. Therefore, the maximum penalty is recommended for these eleven counts.

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How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.