Tim Do AKA Thinh Thien Do, individually, and DBA Catering Food Supply

Laundered Campaign Contributions

Fine: $5,000

FPPC No. 10/740

On or about December 31, 2009, Respondent made a contribution in the amount of $5,000 to the committee known as McCarty for Assembly 2010, but the true source of the contribution was concealed. This was accomplished by making the contribution in the names of intermediaries, thereby creating the false appearance that Respondent was not the true source of funds—when in fact, Respondent was the true source of funds. In this way, Respondent violated Government Code Section 84301, which prohibits campaign money laundering (1 count). 

Supporting Documents

How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.