AB&I Foundry, A Division of McWane, Inc.

Laundered Campaign Contributions
Fine: $100,000
FPPC No. 15/074

In 2015, proactive efforts by the Enforcement Division detected a pattern of activity that led to the opening of this case and working in coordination with the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission. McWane, Inc. is a large manufacturer of iron water works and plumbing products. One of its divisions, AB&I Foundry, is headquartered in Oakland, California. This joint investigation uncovered 37 laundered campaign contributions, totaling $23,900, by AB&I through 17 officers (employees and their spouses) to four Oakland mayoral candidates and two city council candidates from 2012 through 2014.

Supporting Documents

How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.